FREE ReproJobs x Liberal Jane: Repro Worker Justice Sticker Sheet



Worker justice IS reproductive justice! After a decade of organizing repro workers, ReproJobs is saying goodbye on July 31, 2024. To celebrate the sunsetting of ReproJobs, we’ve come together with a limited edition sticker sheet to celebrate movement organizing. 

Each 4 x 6” sheet includes six unique stickers, and will be sent via snail mail. 

Stickers include: 

  • “Worker Justice = Repro Justice” rainbow sticker

  • “Workers Deserve: a living wage, abortion access, a union” sign sticker

  • “Abortion? Union? YES!” worker sticker

  • “Pro-abortion, pro-union” raised fist sticker

  • “My right to choose a union!” cake sticker

  • “Organize your repro workplace” jacket sticker

We are only able to ship within the United States. Limited to one sheet per person. Available while supplies last.

Are you a union organizer? Know one? Reach out to us directly for larger quantities.

Stickers were union printed by our friends at Sticker Ninja

About ReproJobs

ReproJobs believes in the radical possibility that organizations within the reproductive health, rights, and justice movements can lead the progressive movement by providing healthy, supportive, and empowering workplace environments that include inclusive cultures, generous policies, and thriving wages.